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Pedagogix (Pty)Ltd is an independent consultant, offering specialised services to support academic planning and administration, with specific reference to:

The development and implementation of new qualifications and programmes; systems to support the academic administration of programme offerings; curriculum and instructional design; and the development of learning support mechanisms at multiple levels in the education and training sector.

Pedagogix operates independent from any training or education provider and is strictly a consultancy with ownership by staff. This permits Pedagogix to provide clients with conflict-free and objective support on academic planning and curriculum issues.

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  • Focused advice
  • Strategic Planning
  • Instructional design solutions
  • Curriculum Development
  • Academic Planning
Instructional Design

Based on analysis of teaching and learning needs, Pedagogix engage in the systematic development of learning programmes/teaching and learning support material.

The process usually includes teaching and learning interventions such as educational toys, educational technology, multimedia to support teaching, etc.



Primewrite is a computer font that is used by teachers and students in the Pre-school and Foundations Phase. The font is compatible with MS Office and Mac OS X. It includes 9 versions that includes among others Primewrite Regular...

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Learning Support

Pedagogix develops teaching and learning support material. This includes standard products that are ready to buy, or custom-made products that are designed according to the needs of the institution.

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